If you’re a seller looking to close your sale quickly and move on with your life, Bluebonnet Solutions Group can help. We can buy your home “as-is” and prevent you from having to deal with the demands of a direct buyer. There is no cost to you. We can close the deal quickly and provide you with cash payment for your property. Imagine completing the sale of your home within 30 days! When you partner with us for your property selling needs, we’ll deliver results that exceed your expectations.

At Bluebonnet Solutions Group, our expert team of real estate specialists are experienced in all facets of the property trade, and we can develop an impressive selection of solutions to suit your needs. We’re familiar with the vast majority of issues buyers face, preventing them from making a property purchase. At Bluebonnet Solutions Group, we can help you in overcoming any of the following issues:

  • Foreclosure and Back Payments

  • Short Sales

  • Recent Divorce

  • Fire or Mold Damage

  • Major Structural Repairs

  • Unexpected Employment Relocation

  • Unexpected Property Inheritance (Probate)

  • Impending Retirement

If you have any questions regarding Bluebonnet Solutions Group or our services, please contact us at 832-523-5223 today.